which molecule contains both polar and nonpolar covalent bonds ?
a) N2H4
c) SO3
d) NH3
please explain how to find answers to these kind of questions

Dear Student,

The type of bond can be determined by using the electronegativity value of the elements and finding the difference between the two elements' values. 
(a) In N2H4, bond is formed by N-N and N-H. The electronegativity difference between N-N is 0 as both the elements are same. Therefore, N-N is a non-polar covalent bond. The electronegativity difference between N-H is 0.8 (N=3.0, H=2.2). Therefore, N-H bond is a polar covalent bond. 

(b) In XeOF‚Äč4, bond is present between Xe-O and Xe-F. The electronegativity difference between Xe-O is 0.8 (Xe=2.6, O=3.4) and electronegativity difference between Xe-F is 1.4 (Xe=2.6, F=4.0). Therefore, both the bonds are polar covalent bonds. 

(c) In SO3, only S-O bond is present. Therefore, all the bonds will be having the same character.
(d) In NH3 also, only N-H bonds are present. Therefore all the bonds will have same character. 

Hence, the correct answer is (a)

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