Which of nitrogenous waste eliminated through saliva is?

A) urea B) creatine C) TMAO

it is A) urea. Because most of urea is excreted through kidneys, but some is directed again to digestive tract in order to salvage the remaining nitrogen. This urea is removed through saliva.
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Ya saliva contains nitrogenous wastes but very little amount which we can consider it to be negligible and that nitrogenous wastes is urea
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The correct option is [a]Urea.........
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UREA a  nitrogenous waste is eliminated through saliva in small amounts
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Urea, a nitrogenous waste is eliminated through saliva in small amount.  Urea which is the final product of amino acid breakdown in the body. Nitrogenous waste products are formed as a result of deamination of unwanted amino acid.
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