which of the following can be distinguished using Lucas reagent??

1.methanol and ethanol

2.ethanol and Propan_2_ol

3.propan_2_ol and butan_2_ol

pl give reason for each case

Lucas reagent is used to distinguish between primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols. 
Hence the correct option is ethanol and propane-2-ol as ethanol is a primary amine and Propane-2-ol is secondary amine.
On the other hand, option 1 contains both primary alcohol and option 3 constrain both secondary alcohol which cannot be distinguish on the basis of Lucas test. 

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ethanol and propan 2 olethanol is a primary alcohol and the other is a sec-alcohol.

2dary alcohol give turbiduty at room temp after some time.But primary alcohol will not give turbidity without elevated temperature.


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