which of the following does not exists a) Si3H6 b) Si2H6 c) Ge2H6 d) C8H8

Dear Student
Si3H6   disilylsilylene is a very rare compound as it not stable.
Si2H6    Disilane is a chemical compound with chemical formula Si2H6 or H6Si2.
Ge2H Digermane is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ge2H6.
C8H8    Ethenylbenzene

So most appropriate answer would be Si3H6 

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but why..??
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plzz tell the reason
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i think the answer is a)Si3H6 because i don,t know anything about about this compound...but the others surely exist.
just like ethane(C2H6) you could draw thw structures of Si2H6  and Ge2H6 because they all belong to same group and C8H8 is styrene
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