Which of the following ecological pyramids is the most fundamental?(a) Pyramid of numbers (b) Pyramid of biomass (c) Pyramid of energy (d) Both (b) and (c).

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The correct option is c). 

The pyramid of energy is the most fundamental of other pyramids as the other pyramids (number and biomass) are based  on this pyramid. The amount of flow of energy determines the biomass and number of organisms in the ecosystem.


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The pyramid of biomass is more fundamental, they represent the quantitative relationships of the standing crops. In this pyramid there is a gradual decrease in the biomass from the producers to the higher trophic levels. The biomass here the net organisms collected from each feeding level and are then dried and weighed. This dry weight is the biomass and it represents the amount of energy available in the form of organic matter of the organisms. In this pyramid the net dry weight is plotted to that of the producers, herbivores, carnivores, etc.
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