Which of the following has maximum strong hydrogen bonding?
a   Ethylamine(C2H5-NH2)
b     NH3
c   Ethyl alcohol
d   Diethy ether(C2H5-O-C2H5)

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Hydrogen bonding will be maximum in case of ethyl alcohol. This is because O is more electronegative as compared to N in Ethylamine and Ammonia and so O-H bond is more stronger than N-H bond.Therefore, Ethyl alcohol forms Hydrogen bond more stronger as compared to Ethylamine and Ammonia.
In case of Diethylether, no hydrogen bond formation takes place as H is not directly attached to the electronegative O atom. The O atom is bonded with 2 carbon atoms. Diethylether can act as a acceptor. 

Therefore, the correct answer is (c) Ethyl alcohol.

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