Which of the following hydrogen halides have the most polar Bond? What is the reason please explain in detail with an appropriate diagram (i)HF (ii)HCl (iii)HBr (iv)HI ( make the diagram of each and every molecule to explain it)

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Polarity between bonds depends upon many factors such as e.n , size of atom etc. and varies from period to groups simultaneously. 

In the case of hydrogen halide more the electronegativity difference, more will be the polarity. 
HF among all is most polar as it do have highest electronegativity difference. In going down the group electronegativity difference decreases, and hence the polarity between hydrogen and halogen decreases. 
In going down the group size also increases which causes the more distribution of charge over atom and has less charge density. So makes the compound less polar. 
The correct order of polarity of hydrrogen halide : HF > HCl > HBr > HI


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because the electronegative difference is the highest on HF than other halides

There is no explanation with diagram..It is just the electronegative difference
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