which of the following is/are true?(MAQ) a)All Arrhenius acids are bronsted acids b)All Arrhenius bases are bronsted bases c)All Bronsted bases are Lewis bases d)All Bronsted acids are Lewis acids

Ans is (a)
Arrhenius acid which is capable of releasing  H+ or H3O+ ions in water and Base is compound that furnish OH- ions.
Bronsted acid is a proton donor while Bronsted base is a proton acceptor.
--> Consider HCl which gives H3O+ when dissolved in water, this act as arrhenius acid here
HCl  H3O+ + Cl-
--> Since HCl loses a proton which combines with NH3 to form NH4+ ion, hence ammonia acts as bronsted acid
HCl + NH3   NH4+ + Cl-
Arrhenius bases give  OHions in water so they cannot accept a proton therefore cannot act as Bronsted base.
Hence, Arrhenius Acids and Bronsted Acids are same substances

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