which of the following is not ultimately derived from sun's energy



3.nuclear energy

4.biomass energy

(c) Nuclear energy is released during nuclear fission and fusion. In nuclear fission, uranium atom is bombarded with low-energy neutrons. Hence, uranium atom splits into two relatively lighter nuclei. This reaction produces huge amount of energy. In nuclear fusion reaction, lighter nuclei are fused together to form a relatively heavier nuclei. The energy required to fuse the lighter nuclei is provided by fission reactions. This reaction produces tremendous amount of energy. These reactions can be carried out in the absence or presence of sunlight. There is no effect of sunlight on these reactions. Hence, nuclear energy is not ultimately derived from Suns energy.

Geothermal energy, wind energy, and bio-mass are all ultimately derived from solar energy.

Geothermal energy is stored deep inside the earths crust in the form of heat energy. The heating is caused by the absorption of atmospheric and oceanic heat. It is the sunlight that heats the atmosphere and oceans.

Wind energy is harnessed from the blowing of winds. The uneven heating of the earths surface by the Sun causes wind.

Bio-mass is derived from dead plants and animal wastes. Chemical changes occur in these dead plants and animal wastes in the presence of water and sunlight. Hence, bio-mass is indirectly related to sunlight.

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I think both nuclear and geothermal energy is correct.Actually the energy referred to as geothermal is due to the molten magma and metal ores flowing deep inside earth's core..and due to which hotspots and hotsprings are formed.so geothermal energy is out of touch from sun.
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Geothermal energy
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nuclear energy
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I think it will be geothermal energy
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nuclear energy
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Get lost
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