Which of the following is true :a. Document processing outsourcing is KPOb. Engineering Designing Services Outsourcing - KPOc. Technical writing and communication outsorcing - BPOd. Animation and 3d modelling outsourcing - BPO

Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPOs refers to the process of outsourcing information or knowledge based activities that are integral to the working of a business. These KPOs perform knowledge related activities by keeping their focus on technical professionalism.

On the other hand, BPO's carry out task that are more process oriented and does not require professional expertise. 

Therefore, we can say that out of the given options, option-b is true. This is because Engineering designing services, technical writing and Animation and 3d modelling require a specialised and highly skilled people. Thus, theses services are provided by the KPO's. While, documentation processing can be carried out by the BPO's as it is more process oriented and also it does not require skilled professional for carrying out the task.  

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