Which of the following species have all the bond angles of X° and all the bond length of 'Y' Å :- Options 1.  S2O3 2– 2.  HCO3 Θ 3.  CO3 2– 4.  N2O5

Dear Student,

Lets check the given conditions for the molecules.

In S2O32-, there is an S-S bond and three S-O bonds. Thus, they will have different bond lengths. So it is incorrect. 
Similarly, in HCO3- , there will be three C-O bonds and one O-H bond. Thus, there will be different bond lengths because of three different elements involved. 

In N2O5, N-N bond length and N-O  bond lengths will be different. So this is also incorrect, 

In CO32-, all the bonds have the same length because of resonance. Also, it has a trigonal planar structure and a bond angle of 120o. Thus, it has the same bond angle and bond length for each bond.

Thus, the correct answer is option(3) , ​CO32-.

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