Which of the following statements is correct?

( If possible kindly explain briefly the points a,b and c)

a) Argentaffin cells produce serotonin
b) Villikinin is secreted by large intestine
c) In cheilosis, deficient nutrient is nicotinamide
d) Bleeding diseases occurs due to deficiency of Vitamin E

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Argentaffin cells are located in the gastrointestinal tract. These cells produce a vasoconstricting hormone called serotonin. 
Hence, the correct option is (a)

The small intestine secretes villikinin (hormone) for stimulating the villi movement.
Deficiency of riboflavin causes cheilosis.
Deficiency of vitamin K causes bleeding diseases.

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Correct is (a)
argentaffin cells cells found in gastric folds secrete histamine and serotonin
bleeding disease is due to lack of vitamin K
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cheiolosis is due to deficiency of vitaon b1 that is riboflavin
deficiency of niacin or nicotinamide causes pellagara
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and villikinin is secreted by small intestine
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