Which one is stored in G1-phase?
(a) ATP                 (b) Tubulin              (c) Histone              (d) All the above

Which one induces cell division ?
(a) Critical decrease in surface volume ratio.
(b) Critical decrease in nucleocytoplasmic or kernplasma  ratio
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Decrease in cell size

Dear Student
1. a) ATP
G1 phase specifically stores ATP and enzymes, while histone protein is synthesized in S phase and tubulin synthesis begins in G2 phase.
2. c) Both a and b
Critical decrease in surface volume and kernplasma ratio lead to induction of cell division. The decrease in surface volume may lead to limiting nutrient uptake thus affecting cell growth thus cell starts division. Cell functions are regulated by nucleus and Nucleus to cytoplasmic ratio is nearly constant in normal cell and it decrease results in the induction of cell division.
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In G1​phase ATP, Tubulin & Histone are stored 4 further cell division as a energy source
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