Which one is the female gamete in embryo sac

(a) synergid (b) antipodal cell (c) oosphere (d) central cell

In book the answer is given as (d) but oosphere forms zygote on fertilisation by male gamete. So, I think it should be (c).

Plz tell me which one is correct option.

The correct option is central cell.

In embryo sac there are two female gametes (egg cell and central cell). The egg cell contains single nucleus and the central cell has 2 haploid nuclei called the polar nuclei .The egg and the central cell with two polar nuclei are directly involved in fertilization. One of the sperm cell fuses with the egg forming a zygote. The second sperm cell forms the triploid primary endosperm nucleus.

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The answer is egg that is present in embryo sac.

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