Which one of the following is not an effect of the modern farming?

(a) Soil degradation (b)Deforestation (c) Decrease in ground water (d) Water pollution


In my opinion (c) Decrease in ground water is the right option ! 
Because :-

(a) Soil DegradationSoil may be blown by wind and washed away by rain easily then.This leads to soil erosion.Farmers grow crops on marginal land may lead to soil degradation.Both soil erosion and soil degradation may leads to a less productive or even unproductive farmland.

(b) Deforestration - With the increase in population, the demand for food has also increased alot, therefore resulting in deforestration as to meet with the demands and to increase the food production !

(d) Water pollutionFarmers always use more fertilizers than needed, (thinking that more fertilizer will give more benefit ! ) .Rainfall washes the excess fertilizers into the river and gives nutrients to water plant and algae,algae needs nutrients,water and OXYGEN to grow so when there're much nutrients(fertilizers),algae grow rapidly and use up oxygn in the water and forms a thick green layer on the surface of water bodies which also blocks sunlight ! This adversely effects the marine animals n plants and also pollutes the water !

Since option (c)Decrease in ground water is only the left one ! I really think its the right answer ! 
              **Therefore, answer is (c)Decrease in ground water !

Hope this helps !

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 decrease in ground water 

by the way hii malayali na??

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