Which one of the following is the strongest base? 1Ash3 2 sbh3 3 ph3 4 NH3 Give. Explanation No links...

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Due to the presence of lone pairs of electron, the hydrides of these elements are basic (Lewis bases) in nature. The basicity decreases with the size of the central atom due to diffusion of electrons over large volume i.e. down the group, as the size of the elements increases the electron density on element decreases.

Also, we can say basicity decreases down the group as the electronegativity decreases down the group. Electronegativity of N is highest. Therefore, the lone pairs will be more concentrated towards nitrogen and hence more repulsion between bond pairs occurs. Therefore bond angle is the highest. After nitrogen, the concentration of the lone pairs decreases with less repulsion between bond pairs with decrease in electronegativity down the group and so the basicity. Hence, NH3 is the strongest base among the above given compounds.
Therefore, Option (4) is correct.

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according to me the answer is 2nd option sbh3 because as down the group electronegativity decreases so they can donate pair of electrons more easily and in a period the size difference is not too much so the electronegativity difference will not be too much so if we will compare sbh3 and ph3 their will be more electronegativity in ph3 as compared to sbh3.  
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