Which step does not occur in translation??*

A) Replication

B) Termination

C) Elongation

D) Initiation

Dear Student

Ans. Option A is correct: Replication

Translation is the process of polymerisation of amino acids for protein synthesis from mRNA. The steps involved are:
1. Activation of amino acids by ATP
2. Charging of tRNA
‚Äč3. Formation of polypeptide chain:
There are 3 steps in this:
a. Chain Initiation: It involves binging of mRNA with small subunit of ribosome, then binding with tRNA carrying methionine or f-methionine and then attachment to large subunit of ribosome.
b. Chain elongation: A site is produced next to P site. A new aminoacyl tRNA reaches the A site and forms a bond. Elongation factors and GTP is required. A peptide bond is formed. And the process continues till termination codon is reached.
c. Chain termination; Once the termination codon is reached, release factors and GTP help in this process. The subunits of ribosome separate and amino acid chain is released.


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