which type of diseases cause more damage to our body , chronic or acute? why?

chronic bcoz it lasts for a long time even for a life time...but acute disease get cured soon so it does nt cause major damage to our body...thumbz up |||||||

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Diseases which last for short periods and are severe are called acute diseases. On the other hand diseases which are long lasting are called chronic diseases. Chronic diseases have drastic long term effects on people’s health. Acute diseases, which ‘ast for a short period, do
not cause bad effects on our health.

Our body get more damaged when we suffer from a chronic disease such as tuberculosis or cancer or heart diseases. We need to take the treatment for a long time and our body organs get affected. Thus, we suffer poor health for a long period.
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Chronic type of diseases cause more damages to our body because such type of diseases have ling lasting effects on our health.We are likely to have prolonged general poor health if we have a chronic disease.
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