While 'averages' are useful for comparison, they also hide disparities.Explain this statement.

averages are useful for comparison bt still hides disparities means that as the average of everyuthing gives us the mean value for comparison bt it does does nt tell us anything about the unifortmity or the contribution of each n everyone onvolved in that average..........

for ex..as we know that in ou country sum r vry rich n sum r very poor bt in counting the percapita income the incomes of both are calculated  which gives us  a value that each one of the people earns that much bt in real some may me very low and some may be earning vry more frm that minimum value.whioch is  a drawback of averages.......

hope it helps.

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"while average income is useful for comparison bot it may hide disparities" as

1. average income does not show the distribution of economy whether it is equitable or not

2. average income does not show any achievements

3. average income also does not give us the actual thing behind it


4. Average income does not provide with factual information in regard to the economic development.

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