While determining the density of solid sphere ,a student noted down the following readings 1. Mass of sphere=64g 2. Reading of water level in the cylinder without sphere in it=62ml 3. Reading of water level in the cylinder with sphere in it =70ml On the basis of observations, what should be the density of the solid?

Density of water = 1g/cm3
Initial reading of water level = 62ml
Final reading = 70ml
increase in water level = 70-62ml = 8ml
We know that, 1ml =1g
So, volume of 8ml of water = Mass÷density
                                             = 8g÷1g/cm3

Now, Mass of sphere = 64g
Volume occupied by sphere in water = 8cm3 
  Density of sphere = Mass / volume
                                ​= 64g/8cm3
    ​    ​                        = 8g/cm3

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Mass of the sphere=64g
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Plz ans me

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Google is it correct is it correct

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