While making a kaleidoscope if you want to increase the number and intricacies of designs formed what would you do

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The following methods can be used for increasing the intricacies of designs:
1. Different items may be used. They may be of different shapes, sizes and colors. 

2. Small and colorful items can be used for making attractive patterns.

3. Arrangement of items used for decoration can be taken care of. This will help in making intricate designs.

4.​​​​​ Number of mirrors used for making the kaleidoscope can be increased as it increases the number of surfaces from which reflection takes place.


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To increase number and intricacies of designs increase the number of items using in kaleidoscope to make designs use variety of items in it having different shapes and size use small items for making variety of designs then another way is increase the number of mirror which we use to make kaleidoscope.

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