While selecting employees,Mr.Karan Sr. Manager(HR) followed a scientific procedure.This was done to select right person for right job.He also arranged for the education and training of employees.This helped the employees to develop their existing capabilities and adapt themselves to changes in business environment.It also brought prosperity for the company.
1)Which principle of Taylor did Mr.Karan follow?
2)Explain the principle.
How much we should write for this question if it is just 3 mark?From the valuation point of view,is it better to explain in full detail or just limited points?
Our teacher asked this for unit test and reduced my mark.She told I should have elaborated more.My answer for (2) was 3 sentences.Please reply.

Dear Student,

Answer provided by Simran is correct. In these type of questions, it is better to explain the principle in full detail. That is, you should explain all the key/important points of the principle. In this way, you will be able to get full marks in your exam.

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1) Development of each and every person to his greatest efficiency and prosperity.
2) according to this principle the efficiency of each and every employee should be taken care right from its selection. A proper arrangement of everybody's training should be made
work should be allowed according to interest and ability
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