Who collects the garbage and where does it goes?

Garbage from houses or from the streets is collected by waste collector or rag picker, now a days automated trucks are also provided by municipalities to pick up the garbage from houses or from streets. Separate dustbins are also provided in some cities and towns for collecting two kinds of garbage, one is coloured blue and the other green for materials which can be used again such as metals, glass and plastics. While the green one is used to dispose kitchen material, plant or animal waste etc. 
The collected garbage loaded into garbage trucks was then dumped into landfills, these are huge places for dumping garbage where garbage is treated safely so that it will not affects the environment. The garbage is then covered with protective layer of soil and allowed to decayed naturally by the action of microorganisms present in the soil. Incinerators are also used to burn those waste material which can be burned easily. 

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 Refuse Collector, waste disposal worker, garbage man.

 Some people bury it on their property, some burn it, some haul it away and dump it on somebody else property. 
In cities, the trash is hauled away by the City or contract haulers. Some of the trash is recycled (paper, metal, plastic) and the rest is buried in an authorized / legal landfill. In some areas the "green" waste is collected separately, composted and reused in landscaping. 
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