who has written aghneepath?

who has written kichad ka kavya?

plzz help exam after 3 hours

night school student

help plzzz

हमारे मित्रों ने बहुत अच्छे उत्तर दिए हैं। अग्निपथ हरिवंशराय बच्चन द्वारा लिखित है और कीचड़ का काव्य काका कालेलकर द्वारा लिखित है।

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what ...how u are allowed to take laptop to skool....wat do u mean by night skool student

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he mean to say that night school student means  not at school but at home .

Patra your ans. are given below  i dont no the ans. just a tukkka 

agneepath was written by either me or Harivansh rai Bachchan (Father of Big B)

Kichad ka kavya 

follow link given down


Hope it have helped u 

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ho..nice...who will teach thhem and how they will write

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kichad ka kavya : काका कालेलकर

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Ka  ka (Kaka)

Ka le le ka r (Kalelkar)

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thanx buddies

here r thumbs up

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