Who is Derry and what self opinion does he hold. From on the face of it

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Derry was a young boy of fourteen. Derry's face was disfigured when accidentally acid fell on his face. His face was frightening to look at and this made the onlookers recoil on seeing Derry. Derry was unable to take this disfiguration in his stride. He provided too much importance to the manner in which people behaved on perceiving his face.

"It ate my face up. It ate me up' say Derry to the old man." These lines refer to the acid, which burnt the face of Derry. He says that the acid not only burnt his face, it burnt and killed his self-confidence and self-esteem as well. All this reflected in Derry's attitude. He became a pessimist and did not like to interact with others. He liked to stay alone due to which he had gone to the garden, which he thought was a secluded place. Moreover, when Mr Lamb tried to be friendly with him, he rudely asked him not to hide the feeling of awkwardness on seeing his face.


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that he will never stop beliving in him self
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