Who is Gundabhatta?What were his views about hosahalli?

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Gundabhatta was a doctor in the village Hosahalli. He spoke glowing about the village just like the narrator. He had not been to England. Doctor Gundabhatta does not feel any loss for not visiting England. If anyone asks him whether he has been there, he says, “No, annayya, I have left that to you. Running around like a flea-pestered dog, is not for me." 

Hosahalli was a small village which did not even find any mention in a geography book. The sahibs in England in all probability did not that such a place existed. The people of the village forgot too sometimes and they were like a flock of sheep in doing so, when walked into a pit, the others blindly followed. If the state of Mysore was to India what the sweet karigadabu was to a festival meal, then Hosahalli was to the state of Mysore what the filling was to the karigadabu. The mango trees of Hosahalli are extremely sour. Just a single bite of the fruit is enough to take the sourness straight into the brahmarandhra. Similarly, the flowers of the creepers are a delight to see. Once two leaves are taken from it, one never has to worry about the leaves on which to serve the afternoon meal.


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