Who is raja ravi verma and what his contributions?

Raja Ravi Verma was a great Indian painter and artist from. He was born in 1904 in the princely state of Tranvancore in present day Kerala. His main contribution to Indian painting was the fusion of European techniques with Indian themes. His paintings dealt with traditional Indian social and cultural themes but he painted his subjects by employing the latest European techniques. He also enhanced the artistic sensibilities of common people in India by making affordable lithographs of his paintings to the public.

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raja ravi verma was an indian painter
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Raja Ravi Varma was a celebrated Indian?Malayali?painter and artist. He is considered among the greatest painters in?the history of Indian art?for a number of aesthetic and broader social reasons. Firstly, his works are held to be among the best examples of the fusion of European techniques with a purely Indian sensibility. While continuing the tradition and aesthetics of Indian art, his paintings employed the latest European?academic art?techniques of the day. Secondly, he was notable for making affordable?lithographs?of his paintings available to the public, which greatly enhanced his reach and influence as a painter and public figure. Indeed, his lithographs increased the involvement of common people with fine arts and defined artistic tastes among common people for several decades. In particular, his depictions of Hindu deities and episodes from the epics and?Puranas?have received profound acceptance from the public and are found, often as objects of worship, across the length and breadth of India
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