Who was Laladyad?

he was a kashmiri poet of the nirgun bhakti dhara

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I believe that she was a lady

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laladyad was a writer

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laladyad was a lady

who writes lahasa ki aur

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she was a poet who writes hindi  SABAD,SAKHIYA and vakh

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 she was a poet who wrote vakh and she was born in kashmir......

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bhai sabad aur saakhiyan kabir ne likhe hain

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she is the poet...who wrote vaakh.
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Laladh was a kashmiri poet she wrote wakh

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Laladyad was a kashmiri poet of bhaktikal.Like Kabirdas she also believed in nirguna bhakti. She wrote the poems in kharhiboli language. She also told that to find God yoga sadhna is only the method
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