Who was Lencho and what circumstances forced him to write a letter to God?(120-150words-8marks)

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Lencho was a farmer. He wrote a letter to God when his crops were ruined. He wrote to God, asking for hundred pesos. His main problem was the ruining of his crops by hailstorms as he was left with no food stock for the following year.


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Lencho was a little farmer who had a farm of his own in a valley. From the top of the valley, his farm looked very beautiful and his crop shined like gold. He just wanted a little shower over his field in order to irrigate it.
In the daytime, his two children worked in the field while the other two were playing there. Suddenly in the evening, huge black clouds covered the whole sky. He seemed too much happy and he told his wife that the drops falling from the sky were in fact coins. But opposite to his aspirations, the rain converted into hailstorm and his whole field was ruined and so was he.
This incident shocked the family but instead of that, they had a faith in God that God would help him. So he wrote a letter to God.
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lencho was a hardworking farmer who was going on in his field and was waiting for rain apprehensive. leisure Hotel letter to god as he thought that you would be the only one to help him in his bad situations he wrote a letter describing to God to send him 100 pesos so that he and his family can survive in such a situation which is very harsh he wrote a letter Tu chord he had a deep faith in God and as he was a spiritual man he had immense faith in God's goodness and generosity as he had a crop field which was totally destroyed in a hailstorm he wrote a letter to God.
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