who was raja ravi varma? write about his works? why did he set up printing press?pls give fast

The following points may help you:

a. ​Ravi Verma was an Indian artist who hailed from the Princley state of travancore.
b.His paintings represented a blend of Indian traditions with modernity.
c. He depicted in his paintings mythological characters from Ramayana and Mahabharat.
d. Some of his important art works were Shakuntala, Arjuna and Subhadra etc.
e. Ravi Varma started press in Ghatkopar, Bombay in 1894 and later shifted to Malavli near Lonavala, Maharashtra in 1899. 
f. He had set up the printing press with the help of German technicians as his paintings had become popluar and so that it could reach and be distributed to the masses. In his printing press coloured prints of his paintings were produced on a large scale which even the poor could afford.


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Raja Ravi Varma was born as Ravi Varma Koil Thampuran of Kilimanoor palace, in the erstwhile princely state of Travancore (Thiruvithankur) in Kerala. His father Ezhumavail Neelakanthan Bhattatiripad was an accomplished scholar, and his mother Umayamba Thampuratti (died 1886) was a poet and writer whose work Parvati Swayamvaram was published by Raja Ravi Varma after her death. His siblings were C. Goda Varma (born 1854), C. Raja Raja Varma (born 1860) and Mangala Bayi Thampuratti, who was also a painter.he also fought against sati

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thanks rintu very much

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