who was 'Sahadat Ali' ? Why he thinks that the birth of 'Vazir Ali' as his fate ?

 sahadat ali was vazir ali's uncle ... sahadat ali thinks so bcoz be4 de birth of vazir ali his father didnt hve ny heir .. bt as he ws born sahadat ali's chance of becuming de nawab of awadh was lost .. !! :)

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Sadat ali isvazzir ali;s fathers brother and as his father didnt hav any heir the kingdom wud be wt sadat ater his death but wen Vazir ali was born the kingdomwas in his name so sadat ali felt it wud b bttr to die !

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sadat ali is assifudaila's brother.vazir ali is assifudaula's son.he thought that there will be no son for  assifudaula. when vazir ali was born sadat ali's dreams blast and his dream of becoming nawab of awadh is lost. that is why he thought that birth of vazir ali is his fate.

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