who were saminist? mention any two methods used by saminist to revolt against Dutch? mention three factors which promoted the samins to revolt against Dutch?

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Saminist movement.
  • Like the British in India,the Dutch in Java wanted to build their ships.In order to do that, they enacted many laws which restricted villagers' access to the forests.
  • Under the new laws, the villagers were punished for grazing cattle in the forests,transporting wood without permit or travelling to forests with horse carts and cattle.
  • Due to all these circumstances around 1890, Surontiko Samin of Randablatung village, started questioning state ownership of the forest. Soon a widespread movement developed. This movement is popularly known as Saminist movement.
  • Some of the saminists protested by lying down on their land when the Dutch came to survey it.
  • Some of them refused to pay taxes or fine or perform labour.
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