wht are vertebrates and invertebrates

Vertebrates are the animals which contain a vertebral column and have an internal skeleton made up of bones. Examples: Humans, Birds.

In vertebrates are the animals which do not have a vertebral column or back bone. Example: Worms, Starfish

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Animals with an internal skeleton made of bone are called vertebrates. Some examples of

vertebrates animals

are humans, marsupials -- koala, kangaroo, wombats --, reptiles -- alligators, crocodiles, lizards --, primates -- gorillas, monkeys, orangutans --, birds, seals, whales, dolphins, porpoises, most species of fishes, and rodents. All mammals are vertebrates.


An invertebrate is the basic opposite of a vertebrate. Invertebrates do not have backbones. Some examples of invertebrates are mollusks -- snail, mussel, quahog, squid, octopus, nautilus --, echinoderms -- starfish and sea urchins --, arachnids, crustaceans -- lobsters and crabs --, all insects, annelids -- worms and leeches -- protozoa and jellyfish.

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the animal which has an internal skeleton-VERTEBRATES.

The animal which does not have an internal skeleton-INVERTEBRATES.

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Animals having a vertebral column are said to be vertebrates and those do not have a vertebral column are invertebrates.

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