wht is locus??wht a wave front actually is?

 Any collection of points is known as a locus. A wave front is a locus of points oscillating in the same phase. For eg, if u throw a stone in water, circular ripples are generated, at an instant, all the points in the travelling are in the same phase and form a locus. This is known as a circular wave front. If you go very far away from the source, we will find that the ripple will ALMOST become striaght, this will give rise to a plane wave front.

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@Abha, Refer to the answer given by Bhnvgoyal. 

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collection of point means.. i mean  we cn also say that line is a collection of point which r joined..?

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 Yes a Line is also a locus of points.
A locus of points is defined as a collection of pooints having a fixed relation between them..

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Thank you Ma'am :)

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