Wht is the meaning of line..."Made for our searching'?...(line no.11...a thing of beauty)

it means no matter what difficulties we face or our evil and immoral ways the thing of beauty is present to be searched by us.it removes the gloom from our lives. 
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such overdarkened ways have a profound purpose - they are like signposts to alert us so that we are warned and avoid those pitfalls.
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The ways which are unhealthy and full of darkness are made "for our searching". Searching here refers to searching for "livelihood", for "food", "shelter". The lives of some people are so miserable that they are made to work in unhealthy and pathetic conditions, which are having no beauty, but pollution. The pathways that they have chosen are dark and gloomy, there's not even a "thing of beauty" which can make them feel cheerful. 
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It mean all the gloomy days, darkness and unhealthy things are made or came in existence due to our needs/searching like for food,for property or any other.,.......
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