why accountability cannot be delegated?


Answer given by Nisha is correct. However, the meaning of accountability is not clear. Basically, accountability implies the answerability of the superior for the final outcome of the work he assigned. However, accountability cannot be delegated completely. This is because, though the superior delegates the work to his subordinate but he still will be accountable for the final outcome. 


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Accountability means subordinates will be answerable for the non completion of the task; accountability cannot be passed a delegated, it ican only be shared with the subordinates. After delegating responsibility and authority the managers will be accountable for non completion of the task.

let us understand us with the help of an example

If the production manager is given the target of producing 20 machines in 1 months time and he divided this target between four foremen working under him that is 5 machines to be produced by each for men but one for men could not achieve the target and at the end of the month only 17 machines are manufactured then production manager will be held accountable for non completion of target as accountability cannot be transferred all share it is an absolute Term
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