Why alexender was unable to conquer magadha

No Alexander was not able to conquer magadha
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As alexender was over confident of his power and strength  he underestimated the power of Magdha .
but Magadha powerful army and tactics and knowledge about the warfare defeated alexander.
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After a long conquest policy of Alexander his army was very tired to fight the powerful empire of Chandragupta Maurya. Because of this Alexander decided to return to his homeland but on the way he died.
Thats why Alexander was unable to get Mauryan empire under his control
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Hari borrowed rupees 450 from his friend at 6% per annum.He returned the amount after eight months. How much money did he pay ?
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Alexander could noi conquer Magadh because his soldiers were tired ,homesick and unwilling to face the powerful Magadhan army
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