why and how man made lakes created? give example.

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Man-made water-bodies are formed by constructing a dam across a flowing river in order to regulate the flow of water.These are known as reservoirs. 
These artificial lakes are constructed to store water for power generation,irrigation,and can be put to domestic and industrial use.
These are also very effective constructions to control unexpected floods.
Eg : Guru Gobind Sagar . It supports the Bhakhda Nangal Hydel Project.


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How do you make a lake? Is it really so easy to make a lake?

I recently read a story about some wealthy guy from Indiana who bought a 300 acre parcel of land in Indiana and built his dream house.
He then built a 30 acre man-made lake and filled it with 30,000 fish.

Is it really so simple?

Just dig a hole and fill it with water?
What else must be done to ensure success?

I was always under the understanding a 'man-made lake" should be spring fed or something.
How does just filling the hole with water and stocking it with fish ensure a successful ecosystem to the lake and its inhabitants?


I find the subject fascinating.

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Bcauz dams are constructed for power thus the back water is a lake
Ex.guru gobind sagar,KRS
And kings used to built lakes for saving water and for agricultural purpose.
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