why antibiotics should not be over used???

Overuse of antibiotics can lead to side effects and allergies, organisms can also develop resistance against the antibiotic that is overused. 

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If  antibiotics  are  overused,  it  may  contain  the  dose  in  a  much  larger  amount,  and  this  can  make  the  person  weaker  and  weaker.  Also,  overuse  of  antibiotics  can  kill  the  benefitial  micro - organisms  in  our  body  and  can  cause  more  harm  to  our  health.

So,  it  is  advised  to  avoid  the  overuse  of  antibiotics.

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Over use of antibiotics, can kill the beneficial microoganisms in the body and the person might become weaker. So, take antibiotics according to the doctor's prescription, if necessary.

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