Why are anticoagulants administered to people who have undergone bypass surgeries ?
Won't continuous blood flow harm the patients?

dear student,
bypass is a major surgery, inflammation and coagulability of blood are its peak and this hypercoagulability might result in blood clot formation in blood vessels which might travel to different area of brain and getting struck thee thus preventing oxygen supply to that brain part and brain cells start dying in that area. this condition is known as stroke. so to prevent such condition anticoagulants like heparin, blood thinners like aspirin and anti platelet tablets such as clopidogrel are prescribed by the surgeons. Continous blood is required for healing of the tissue but that take place at a slow and steady rate. without anticoagulants and blood thinners, the blood will start forming clots and will become more viscous making it more difficult to circulate throughout the body so such medicines are prescribed. 


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