why are aunt jennifer fingers fluttering?

because of martial responsibilities of married life
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because she is terrorised and traumatised by the constraints of her married life.
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it is the fear, it is the weight of the band that signifies her wedding. It is the dominance of her husband over her which causes her to lose her courage and makes her fingers flutter through the wool.
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aunt is weighed down by the demands of her married life and this impacts her every little action of her fluttering.the figure drawn here is an indication of her nervous state.the unpleasant and bitter experiences of her married life weighs on her.this makes the pulling of niddle so hard
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Aunt jennifer 's fingers had grown weak with the age.hence,they were shaking and fluttering
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aunt jennifers fingers are fluttering due to the terror, harsh dominance of her husband over her and the torture that has been carried out on her has made her weak and pathetic 
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