why are coherent sources required to produce the interference of light.

Two sources of emitting light waves of same frequency or wavelength and of a stable phase difference are required to see interference pattern and we can obtain such nature of light waves from coherent source.

So, we require coherent sources to produce the interference of light.

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the coherent sources are must &should.otherwise we can't see any interference bands clearly .

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Coherent sources are characterized by fixed phase. These while interfering, produce clear and sharp patterns (fringes) that are sought. With random (incoherent) sources there is no pattern emerging

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  • For light waves emitted by two sources of light , to remain coherent the initial phase difference between waves should remain constant in time. If the phase difference changes continously or randomly with time then the sources are incoherent.
Twoindependent sources of light are not coherent and hence can not produce interference because light beam is emitted by millions of atoms radiating independently so the phase difference between waves from such sources fluctuates randomly many times per second. thus any change of phase in real source will cause a simultaneous and equal change in its image.
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