why are forests called lungs of the earth?


Trees are called the lungs of the forest as they are the source of oxygen in the atmosphere. They while carrying out photosynthesis, utilize carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus purifying the environment.

Some of the popular forests of India are:


Gir forests

Corbett National Park

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Because they give us carbon dioxide which are very essential for us

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It is beacuse that is where the exchange of gases take place. Through the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is taken in through the leaves and oxygen is given out.

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Forests are called the lungs of the Earthas they give us oxygen. Earth actually do not have any lung but forest acts as a lung. Like when we inhale oxygen, this oxygen goes into lungs and when we exhale carbon dioxide, this gas is exhaled from lungs. Similarly, forest exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. So, the forest acts a lung.

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first you tell me the function of lungs ? lungs are the organs which recieve deoxygenated blood from pulmonary artery and give oxygenated blood to pulmonary vein through which blood is supplied to all the parts of body. Same applies here the forests which consist of trees receive carbon dioxide from air which is released into air by humans also the trees then purify the carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the air which is inhaled by the humans. So the function of lungs and forests is same

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forests are called lungs of the earth because they supply the earth with oxygen....

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forests are called lungs of the earth because they supply the earth with oxygen

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