Why are materials like rubber , plastic scale , pen cap etc cant be atract to the magnet?

Materials like rubber, plastic scale, pen cap etc cannot be attracted to magnet because they are non magnetic in nature.
Every atom has electrons in  its orbitals.These electrons act as tiny magnets and have their own magnetic effects.These electrons when present in pairs directed in opposite direction , their magnetic field gets cancelled out.When the electrons are not present as pairs and are directed in the same direction , the magnetic field due to them adds up and thus they are able to perform magnetism.There are many substances in which electrons get aligned in the same direction when they experience an external magnetic force.These electrons aligned in the same direction form magnetic domains.Their magnetic dipole moments add up.And thus , such things can be magnetised.Such things can get attracted by a magnet.In materials like rubber, plastic scale , pen caps, such magnetic domains are not formed and thus they don't get attracted to magnets.

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