Why are night blooming flowers generally white? How does the bee know which flower has nectar? Why does cactus have so many thorns? How does the chick recognise her own mother?

  1. Most of the night blooming flowers are white in colour to attract the pollinators. White is visible and has light refecting property that help bees and insects to reach them
  2. The smell of the nectar helps the bees to reach the flowers. 
  3. Cactus has more thorns to reduce evaporation of water and this is the adaptation of cactus to survive in desert.
  4. Chicks are able to identify their mother hen by various means like, hearing, smell, view etc, but hearing seems to be an important one in the hen-chick relationship. If a chick is hidden or lost its way to reach hen, it gives distress calls, and the hen typically goes in the direction of the sound and find her chick!!

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