1. Why are rivers considered significant to the economy of a country?

  2. What are the main causes of river pollution?

  3. What is the main cause of pollution of river Ganga?

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Answer to Q.1 is:
Following are the reasons due to which rivers are considered as significant fro the economy of a country:
  • 1)Water from the rivers is a basic natural resource, essential for various human activities.
  • 2)The river banks have attracted settlers from ancient times. These settlements have now become big cities.
  • 3)Using rivers for irrigation, navigation, hydro-power generation is of special significance.
  • 4)It is most significant for countries like India where agriculture is the livelihood for a majority of the population.
  • 5)Lakes help to develop tourism and provide recreation.
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  • Rivers have been of fundamental importance throughout human history.

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