Why are 'root' and 'shoot' systems so called?

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A plant mainly consists of two systems :
Shoot system : The shoot system is found above the soil surface. It includes stems, leaves, flowers and fruits.
Root system : The root system is found below the soil surface. It includes roots.

Root system is of two types:
Tap root system: As seen in raddish; here there is a stable main roots from which small roots arise.
Fibrous root system: As seen in grasses; here the main root is not stable and is replaced by many roots forming a cluster of roots.

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Root is a part of plant under the ground and shoot is the part of a plant above the ground level
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because root system grow's under the root and shoot system grow's above the root
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It is is called root system because roots are the only part in the plant that stay under ground.

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Dear Shreyas,
=>Root is the main part below the ground which holds the plant upright and also observe water and minerals from the soil ,so the entire system  under the soil is called root system.
=>Shoot or the stem is the main part of the plant or tree which is present above the ground  bearing leaves,flowers,fruits and also act as a pipe to transport water to other parts of plant so the entire system above the ground is called shoot system.

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