why are small birds like humming birds are not found in polar regions?Explain.

Thermoregulation is energetically expensive for many organisms.This is particularly true for small animals like shrews and humming birds.Heat loss or heat gain is a function of surface area.since small animals have a larger surface area relative to their volume,they tend to lose body heat when it is cold outside.then they have to expend much energy to generate body heat through metabolism.this is the main reason why very small animals are rarely found in polar regions

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as they are small animals so have smaller area related their volume they tend to loose their body heat very rapidly so cant survive in polar regions

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due to low temperature.

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Euryhaline defination
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Small animals have larger surface area and smaller volume. In cold areas there were lots of chance to lose lots of heat are lose due to this
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The humming birds have large surface area relative to their volume so and tend to lose body heat very fast in colder regions. They also require more energy to generate body heat. Hence, they are rarely seen in polar regions.
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