Why are solar cell panels used in artificial satellites/space stations?

Solar panels are used in artificial satellites because if a battery is fixed it will soon run out of power and it is impossible to use a wired switchfor the satellite. As a result satellites are fixed with solar panels as the sun gives unlimited energy to the satellite it is therefore the best way to give power to the satellite.

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so that the power is unlimited in the satellites
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Positive and negative symbols in a cell
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solar cell directly converts solar energy into electrical energy
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As the spacecraft has to travel a long distance so it will run out of power so there are solar panels for backup from the sun.
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in order to provide energy
solar cell panels used in artificial satellites/space stations because the satellites require energy to revolve or to send the information to earth and there is no other way to give energy to these  artificial satellites from earth 
solar energy can easily be used by these satellites via the sun as the sun will be in its place all the time. 
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