Why are the alkalis added drop by drop to the salt solution?

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alkali are added drop wise to salt solution so as to ensure that at every step changes in reaction can be noticed .if added in excess some side reactions may  go unnoticed.

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Pure water is not very conductive (of electricity) and for the electrolysis reaction to work, electricity must flow through the solution. By adding small amounts of ionic compounds - even table salt would work - the flow of electricity is improved and the water dissociates into hydrogen and oxygen.

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If added fast some salt (ppt) are soluble in excess thus they may dissolve. By this we will not be able to get the results accurately. For example: NaOH when added slowly to Zinc sulphate dropwise it forms white ppt in excess dissolves in it. If not added slowly it directly dissolves in it without forming ppt. Hope it helps....
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